UNHLY Mr. Hood.

UNHLY Folk are abundant up at Mt. Hood in the summers at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. We were fortunate enough to pay a visit to the diggers up there, rake(rape) a few lips and do some snowboarding. Always a huge thank you to Corey McDonald and the Diggers up there for the good times and rad vibes and authorized awesome. #alwaysthankadigger 

Here's some quick clips with Loren Exon, A.J. Ogden, Oliver Dixon, Sam, Matt Miller.

Dad Cam: A.J. Ogden, Phil Daminakes

High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 2 Recap

Summer is here and it's hot. While you may be able to chill out with some quality ice cream and if your really lucky, it'll be a volcano cone in Government Camp after a day riding Mt. Hood, here is the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 2 Recap edit just in case you are not at Mt. Hood and aren't snowboarding. Keep an eye out for some real UNHLY Folk in there, Parker Duke, Jack Harris and Johnny Castro.