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The Bogus Project

Last week was an unannounced hurricane of creative snowboarding in our backyard at the home mountain, Bogus Basin outside of Boise, Idaho. Snowboy Productions teamed up with Bogus Basin Terrain Parks and Corey McDonald to create a unique, one-of-a-kind snowboard park near the top the of the mountain. With one of the worst snow years on record, it was incredible to see what the team was able to put together. Professional snowboarders from all over the country were invited to ride the private park in addition to a select few local riders. The riders filmed all week long and below is the edit of just a sliver of the madness and radness that went down. Derek Weimer put the edit together, fitting with Bogus being the mountain he grew up riding. Just some of the riders list includes the likes of Mike Ravelson, Chris Grenier, Ryan Paul, Boody, Brandon Reis, Ted Borland, Loren Exon, Parker Duke, Bob Abrams, Jill Perkins, Justin Kensiton and many many more. Watch the edit here!

High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 2 Recap

Summer is here and it's hot. While you may be able to chill out with some quality ice cream and if your really lucky, it'll be a volcano cone in Government Camp after a day riding Mt. Hood, here is the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 2 Recap edit just in case you are not at Mt. Hood and aren't snowboarding. Keep an eye out for some real UNHLY Folk in there, Parker Duke, Jack Harris and Johnny Castro.

Summer is here and so is the Snow.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp's New Assistant Head Digger and UNHLYFOLK Parker Duke let's you in on the summer conditions up on the infamous Mt. Hood for your summer snowboarding dreams. Have a peep on the snowboarder mag site HERE

Parker Duke ripping into the ides of August eight years strong.

Parker Duke ripping into the ides of August eight years strong.