The fall has been great in our backyard, sunny skies and breezy temps. Got to get out with the lens last weekend with the friends and shoot some laps at the new Tom Erlebach Skatepark in Star, Idaho. Good times skateboarding and good times to come. Skating by Loren Exon, Charlie Allen, and Parker Duke.

Another UNHLY Winter is around the corner

Our hills have been getting dusted with a few brave souls making hiking up the slopes to get those early season turns. We hope to be joining them soon on the ol’ snowboards. We’re getting pretty excited for the season to get fired up. While we wait, here’s some clips of UNHLYFOLK A.J. Ogden and friends getting saucy last season in the Boise hills and beyond. Snowboarding is fun and we’re ready for it. Enjoy. Big thanks to Bogus Basin Terrain Parks crew for stoking the stoke with fun stuff to ride all season.

The Bogus Project

Last week was an unannounced hurricane of creative snowboarding in our backyard at the home mountain, Bogus Basin outside of Boise, Idaho. Snowboy Productions teamed up with Bogus Basin Terrain Parks and Corey McDonald to create a unique, one-of-a-kind snowboard park near the top the of the mountain. With one of the worst snow years on record, it was incredible to see what the team was able to put together. Professional snowboarders from all over the country were invited to ride the private park in addition to a select few local riders. The riders filmed all week long and below is the edit of just a sliver of the madness and radness that went down. Derek Weimer put the edit together, fitting with Bogus being the mountain he grew up riding. Just some of the riders list includes the likes of Mike Ravelson, Chris Grenier, Ryan Paul, Boody, Brandon Reis, Ted Borland, Loren Exon, Parker Duke, Bob Abrams, Jill Perkins, Justin Kensiton and many many more. Watch the edit here!

Praying for Snow

Earlier this month in Boise, the annual Pray For Snow Ale Fest went down. This is the fourth year UNHLY has gotten to be a part of it. Put on by local bar, Tom Graineys, it attracts over 40 breweries from around the Pacific Northwest for patrons to gulp down. In addition to the flowing ale, the event brings in live DJs, cigar vendors, free whiskey sampling and an on-snow rail jam for skiers and snowboarders right in downtown Boise. The rail jam is put on by our local backyard oasis, Bogus Basin Mountain with head digger Corey McDonald at the helm. Basically it's bad ass event with beers and friends and snowboarding. Local young gun Julian Glick ended up taking home first place in the rail jam with a nutty 360 off the top of the scaffolding. Check out the recap video here. Video courtesy of Aerial Mastery

UNHLY presents: FONE The Movie

As winter starts hitting across the country, we are getting excited for the chairlifts to start spinning and to get our winter legs back in the snow covered mountains that are our second home. Last month, The Garden City Projects in Garden City, Idaho hosted us to premier FONE, a locally sourced Idaho snowboarding film put together by UNHLY founder and creative A.J. Ogden.

As the winter season cranked along, A.J. was able to reach out to fellow winter enthusiasts to send footage of their winter snowboarding adventures. FONE was the product. Have a watch here and thank you to all the supporters and fellow boarders out there ready to get some pow and party boarding in this winter. Big shout out to all who donated prizes at the premier to elevate the stoke! Everything from skate decks from Prestige Skateshop, Art and Tattoos from Pyramid Tattoo Company and outerwear from Airblaster defintely had the crowd smiling on top of seeing what their friends got into last winter!

Brooke Geery of Yobeat airs it out on BoardRap

Friend and provocateur, Brooke Geery, of Yobeat, a snowboard website you may have heard of... or not... has a pretty bitchin' two-part interview up on Boardrap.com right now. Gives the history of the Yobeat site, but more interestingly, ties that history with Brooke's personal history and interactions within the snowboard industry. Honest and a no-bullshit approach makes this a must read in our opinion. Hate it or Love it, we appreciate the platform Yobeat has provided for so many. Check out the links here for the interview:

PART ONE: http://www.boardrap.com/the-history-of-internet-snowboarding-the-full-story-of-yobeat-w-brooke-geery/ 

PART TWO: http://www.boardrap.com/yobeat-the-history-of-internet-snowboarding-part-two/

Sean Ahern Skateboarding in the Netherlands

#unhlyfolk Sean Ahern has been making his rounds about Europe this summer and it seems to be the quintessential Euro Trip with his skateboard in hand. Here's a look at him cruising the Netherlands. Oozing with style per usual. Go skate. Edit courtest of his pal Wouter for the documenting, hit the play button to check out some fun times skateboarding.

Bogus Basin is ripping

We got up to Bogus Basin this last week and the Bogus Basin Diggers have ben putting in work pushing up all sorts of new features. The jump line is open at the top of Claimjumper with larger jumps after recent storms as well as new rail features in there. Down lower in Mambo Meadows there is a slew of rails to slap AND... A BRAND NEW KICK ASS HIP. This thing is super fun for blasting and planting. Here's some photos of UNHLYFOLK Loren Exon and A.J. Ogden playing around on it. 

Loren Exon with a salute to the method

Loren Exon with a salute to the method

A.J. Ogden poking you with some Indy action

A.J. Ogden poking you with some Indy action

If you don't document the party, did it really happen? A.J. shooting Loren with a Party Plant.

If you don't document the party, did it really happen? A.J. shooting Loren with a Party Plant.

Photos courtesy Brooke Geery @ Yobeat.com